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Things You Should Know

Welcome to our “Articles and Documents” section. Here we are going to post original works of knowledge to help the masses.

Seems only having the money gets you the power and well the powerful control the media and the publishing. Welcome to the world of fake news. Tired of it yet? I am VERY tired of the BS and ONLY the truth will set you free…but where is the truth? Here!

Time for this to change and here is where is starts.

More is coming as we design the layout and pick out targets. No more of this ‘Fluffy’ only positive vibe BS because they don’t want you to oppose. It is the Rich and Powerful 1% that is telling everyone to be nice and NOT be Toxic. Mind control and influence because they don’t want to get people ‘up in arms’.

These days you post ANYTHING negative on Social Media that is truth it is taken down and you are banned or suspended. Sad isn’t it? Also those that SHOULD be banned are allowed to get away with it because they get the Followers/Subscribers etc..

Are you tired of companies not wanting to sponsor you because you don’t fall into the business collective? Tired of being told what and how to think, dress, act and speak? No I am not talking anarchy here folks…just talking some straight knowledge for your noggin to get this world on track and to be a more peace and loving world.

Stay tuned! More to come. (scroll down for more details)

A of Taste of our Articles and Documents

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What will the Future bring - Part 1

The future of the world is a complex and multifaceted topic, and predicting specific outcomes is challenging due to the many variables at play. However, I can provide you with a general overview of potential scenarios based on current trends and issues related to climate change, greed, crime, and hate.

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How is Money Evil?

Money, as a tool of exchange and representation of value, has a significant impact on individuals and societies. While money itself is not inherently corrupting, the pursuit of wealth and the unequal distribution of resources can lead to various forms of corruption and negative consequences. Here's how money can corrupt people and the world:

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Putting Profits before People

Putting profits before people, families, the working class, and the poor can have profound negative consequences for both individuals and society as a whole. This prioritization of financial gain over human well-being can lead to a range of ethical, social, and economic issues. Here's a detailed explanation of the evils associated with such practices:

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More Articles and Documents

We wont be updating this page with new graphics and articles as there will be many over time.
To locate everything NEW please hover your pointer over the 'Articles' drop down menu to expand the list of new articles.This will be modified and other solutions in the future but for now this is the method to locate new publications.

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