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Mad Morgan has worked behind the scenes with many content Creators and Influencers over the years. As the world appears to be very ‘judgy’ on social media on visual factors, they have decided to still stay ‘behind the scenes’ and not reveal anymore then a silhouette. Their voice may be the sign of the times and the beginning of the change the world needs in an ocean flooded with Content. Mad Morgan brings personality, logic and reason to a market with little character, few morals and much ignorance.

With that they can tell you this – their life has been well rounded from failed and successful relationships, raising of children, multiple successful careers and failed one. Been ‘up and down and in-between’ in many many areas of life. Spent their life people watching and helping as many as they could with sound advice and actions  (whether it is taken and used is another thing). At the end of the day this Podcaster/Creator is about helping others make sense of this crazy world and life. Their words are their tools and with that they don’t want to be judged on anything else in vanity or otherwise. Mad Morgan is about Integrity; can you say the same about yourself?

Mad Morgan is here to help save the Human Species from themselves (not seeking 15 minutes of fame) and any help you can provide to help them with their mission is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in Advance and Blessed Be.