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Integrity is Mad Morgan

Thanks for visiting and as our portfolio gets bigger we needed to make a central hub for ‘officially’ everything.

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Current Shows and Podcasts

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** NEW Show for June 2024 is Announced **
We would like to introduce our NEW Podcast called:
Bitter Truths Unboxed
Many of you have waited a long long time but we wanted to really think this one out completely and we feel we have an amazing show moving forward for our Listeners/Followers/Subscribers/Fans!
Hope you enjoy it as much as all the effort that went into bring it to you!

Bitter Truths Unbox – NEW Primary Show
Dedicated to uncovering the uncomfortable truths that shape our society. Listen as our narrator invites you to explore the shadows of everyday realities through fearless conversations and in-depth analysis.

(Please reference Content Warning by Clicking Here)

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Are You Listening? (Random Episodes)
This Podcast show is about random topics that may be interesting to some. These are general shows about everything from the ‘flavor or the day’ or ‘have you heard’ type things. (these are usually longer shows and around 10-25 minutes)

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ID-10-T (Random Episodes)
This Podcast show is our AWARDS show to recognize special people in all special situations and events discovered in the world today. Here we highlight the ‘Ignorant’ and the ‘Arrogant’ and make sure they get the ‘Brown Star’ they deserve for being ID-10-T candidates. (these are usually short shows)

(Please reference Content Warning by Clicking Here)

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Soapbox Daily (Retired)
One of our earlier Podcast Shows started in 2022 along side ‘Get Off My Soapbox’ as a ‘short format’ show. Currently back on the self to pursue other projects but there are over 200 Episodes for YOU to Binge currently and Enjoy! (these are usually short shows and around 5 minutes) Depending on demand to start up the show again it may return sooner or be retired for good.
Click the show Logo to visit/listen.

Get Off My Soapbox (Retired)
In 2022 we started a weekly show each Wednesday (NYC time) for a detailed and in-depth topic of the week. Just something make you think a bit, maybe laugh and also evolve into a better way of thinking. Currently back on the self to pursue other projects but there are a few Episodes for YOU to Binge currently and Enjoy!
(these are usually longer shows and around 20-30 minutes)
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Deep Thoughts (Release to Be Determined)
Set, Launched, Planning…but pending more content and time to release.
Stay tuned!
Click the show Logo to visit/listen when Released.

*** Note *** – Some Podcast Content or Podcasts will be very expressive, direct and MAY possibly contain language that may offend some listeners. We are still trying to determine if the message/rant can be conveyed well enough with polite language and tone so please be advised. We do label this as an Explicit Content for legal reasons although for the most part it will be mild as Mad Morgan is more civilized than most people.

About Mad Morgan

In the shadows of the digital realm, Mad Morgan has quietly collaborated with numerous content creators and influencers, recognizing the harsh judgment prevalent on social media based on superficial appearances. Preferring to remain an enigmatic silhouette, Mad Morgan’s voice emerges as a herald of change in an ocean of content inundated with conformity. Amidst a market lacking character, moral compass, and drowning in ignorance, Mad Morgan injects personality, logic, and reason.

In the tapestry of their life, Mad Morgan weaves a narrative of both triumphs and tribulations — navigating through failed and successful relationships, embracing the challenges of parenthood, and traversing diverse career paths. Their journey encompasses the peaks and valleys, the highs and lows, and everything in between. A seasoned observer of humanity, Mad Morgan has dedicated their existence to offering sound advice and tangible support, even if the world chooses whether or not to heed it.

Beyond the vicissitudes of life, this Podcaster/Creator aspires to unravel the complexities of our chaotic world. Their words, meticulously chosen, are instruments wielded not for vanity but with a commitment to integrity. Mad Morgan seeks to rise above judgment, urging others to ponder the same question: Can you claim the mantle of integrity for yourself?

Mad Morgan’s mission transcends the pursuit of fleeting fame, instead aspiring to contribute to the salvation of the human species from its own follies. In this noble quest, any assistance extended towards their mission is sincerely appreciated, as together, we endeavor to bring about positive change in the world.

Thank you in Advance and Blessed Be.

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